A Note for Homeowners: Think Twice Before DIY Roofing

Have you been trying to find ways to save on roof repairs? Have you considered repairing your own roof? Just as measuring a roof on your own can be more costly and time consuming than ordering an inexpensive RoofScope® report, repairing your roof on your own can be more expensive than hiring a professional. 

7 Ways RoofScope® Saves You Time

At RoofScope®, we understand your time is valuable. RoofScope® is designed to take a few steps out of the roof measuring and estimate process to give you more time to work on the other projects that will benefit your business. Spend less time preparing and more time profiting. So what are the timely hassles RoofScope® eliminates for you?

How to Avoid Roofing Scams This Storm Season

You’ve seen it in the news–roofers or insurance adjusters who purposely create damage to a homeowner’s roof then charge them for the repairs. In fact, with the recent storms upon us, homeowners are at much higher risk for roofing scams. So the question for the homeowner becomes, “Do I take the risk of allowing a contractor on my roof or do I just not repair my roof at all?” 

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