6 Strategies for Selling to Women & Couples
It is well known that men and women have different shopping strategies, different ways of communicating and place emphasis on different things in relationships. In fact, it turns out that these vast gender differences are science based and men’s and women's brains are actually wired differently – research shows there are more than 200 differences between the male and female brain. For those of us in the sales industry, this is worth paying attention to, especially when the latest from Forbes tells us that women account for at least 87% of all financial decisions. Even in industries like construction and roofing, to compete in your industry, you must be able to connect to your female buyers. The following 6 strategies will help you succeed in both verbal and nonverbal communications when selling to women and couples.
6 Closing Statements To Seal The Deal
A surefire way to improve your sales technique is to focus on your closing statements - using the right words is an easy way to positively impact the final decision. The final few sentences you use at the end of a sale are key to turning a prospect into a client. Using a strong closing statement is the most important part of sales. Practice different closing statements to find the one that feels authentic to your business and sales style.
How One Contractor Saves 32 Hours a Month with RoofScope® and ProDocs
Leveling Up Your Business with RoofScope’s ProDocs. How contractors are using RoofScope and ProDocs, the end-to-end solution that is saving one contractor 32 hours a month -- that’s nearly a full work week!
RoofScope® Launches an Accelerated Scope Rebate Incentive Program
Today, RoofScope launched a Scope Rebate Incentive Program where contractors can earn up to 4% back on every RoofScope® they purchase through the end of 2017.
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