Contractors and project managers wear many hats in the construction or remodeling process. When you’re juggling several tasks and constantly need to track valuable information, organization is essential. The ProScope app is your go-to tool for compiling and storing all your measurement and assessment data, documents, images and notes. You can even order aerial takeoff reports like RoofScope reports or GutterScope reports, straight from the app!

If the following benefits of ProScope are advantages you and your company need, ProScope may be the perfect tool for you.

10 Ways ProScope Makes Life Easier for You as a Contractor:

10. No more digging around for lost documents–ProScope keeps all assessment and measurement documents, data, photos and notes in one place.

9. No more risk of loosing data–ProScope stores data to a cloud-based system for reliable safekeeping.

8. No more clipboards or pads of paper–ProScope allows you to record and store all information 100% digitally on your tablet or mobile device.

7. No more complicated forms–ProScope takes you through an easy-to-navigate process to collect all essential information.

6. No more forgetting to include crucial data–ProScope prohibits you from moving forward without inputting essential data, to ensure you don’t forget any details and end up with a concise and effective report.

5. No more worrying about the hazards of measuring–ProScope uses aerial technology to take pictures and measurements, meaning you don’t have to climb a ladder.

4. No more struggling to get access to your employees’ data–ProScope accounts can be set up so that the supervisor can access their team members’ data at any time.

3. No more disorganized desktops–ProScope allows you to store all data in one central location to keep your desktop clutter-free.

2. No more hesitation when someone asks for an estimate, a measurement or any other specs–ProScope reports are easy to access and easy to navigate, allowing you to make quicker estimates and material orders.

1. No more boring, inconclusive sales presentations–ProScope reports are delivered as clean, sharp PDFs, ready to be shown to potential clients as a sales presentation; ProScope reports include all the right information and images to seal the deal.

Keep your team organized and on the same page by storing your data in one central, easy-to-access location. Enjoy the saved time, money and resources that the structure and reliability of ProScope brings.