Have you ever noticed the sales pitches or marketing highlights your competitor roofing companies feature? Do they all sound the same to you? Do you want to sound just like them or make your company stand out and be recognized as the truly amazing roofers you are? An easy way to differentiate your company from other roofing companies is to highlight your use of third party measurement reports from RoofScope, the industry-leader in accuracy.

Here are 5 benefits of RoofScope your sales team can highlight:

5. Our measurements are backed by a third party–It’s no longer your word versus the customer’s word. With RoofScope, you have a brand name, reliable third party to hold accountable for accurate measurements and reports.

4. We offer a quicker estimation and measuring process–RoofScope maximizes your use of time by cutting down measurement time, drafting time and estimating time (usually eliminating all three of those steps completely!). This reassures the customer that you won’t be wasting their time.

3. More money from insurance companies–If the insurance company asks for measurements before funding you, you can get them those measurements right away with RoofScope’s quick turnaround time (no more than 48 weekday hours!), therefore leaving no supplementation left on the table.

2. We’ll get your job completed on schedule–RoofScope speeds up the overall roofing process by not only shortening the measuring and estimating process, but also by eliminating time wasted on punch runs and dealing with any measurement disagreements with insurance companies. This demonstrates your focus on completing the job on time.

1. We’re smart with your money– Since you’ve already optimized your time by not wasting hours hand-measuring the roof and since your making an effort to cut down on material waste, you show customers you won’t waste their money.

Get some ideas on how to close a sale with RoofScope reports and don’t forget to mention these key reasons to choose a contractor who uses RoofScope.