Looking for ways to get more customers It’s a competitive market out there, and you don’t have to fall behind. Utilizing RoofScope will give you that competitive edge that your company has been missing. Here are the top 5 ways a RoofScope report can help you gain business:

5. Close More Sales

Imagine a roofing contractor showing up to a potential customer’s home with all their roofing measurements in hand before even speaking to them in person. Now imagine a roofing contractor showing up to their house with nothing in hand and zero evidence of pre-planning. Which roofing contractor would you choose? The answer’s pretty obvious.

Not only does physical evidence of pre-planning show the customers you’re on top of your game, but you can also tell your customers with confidence that their estimates will be more accurate than any other roofer. More precise planning means a higher quality roofing job (and that your customers won’t have to worry about last-minute fees to make up for inaccurate planning!), and a higher quality roofing job means a higher chance of gaining referrals.

4. Impressed Customers Means Better Recommendations

Gaining more referrals is one of the best marketing successes you can achieve. About 50% of homeowners base their contractor selection off of referrals from friends, family or neighbors. By showing up to your appointment with a clean-cut printout of complete roofing measurements and aerial imagery, you’ll show your potential customer how technologically savvy and advanced your company is. Its that notable first impression that the customer will think of the next time a neighbor asks for a recommendation on who to call for their next roofing project.

3. One Up Your Competition

Most homeowners request roofing bids from more than one contractor. Are you keeping up with your competing roofing contractors? Do your competitors have a technological advantage that you’re missing? If so, your customers will more than likely pick up on that. Keep ahead of the curve and come prepared with an impressive RoofScope report.

2.Have more time to Focus on Current and Past Customers (Which in turn means better recommendations)

With the time, energy and resources you save by using RoofScope, you’ll have more time to follow up with past customers, which is always a crucial customer service tactic. Checking in on past customers is a key method for remaining top-of-mind to them and being the first company they think of when recommending a roofer to their neighbors. This also helps builds your overall reputation; a positive reputation is something any businessperson should work toward.

1. Have More Time to Pursue New Leads

When you spend less time on site measuring a property or at your desk drafting reports, you have more time to focus on gaining new business. This could mean more time for marketing efforts, hire and training more staff or dedicating more of your own time to accruing new business.

While giving your upmost attention to current customers is absolutely essential in running any business, it should never completely eliminate your time spent pursuing new customers. Find that balance between taking care of your current customers and trying to win over potential customers with the time and energy saved with RoofScope.

Enjoy the stress relief and new business RoofScope helps bring you. Perhaps the best part about RoofScope is how easy it is to use! All you have to do is type in the address on our homepage, and we'll take it from there. And even better, RoofScope reports are affordable, meaning while you’re gaining business, you’re also saving money in the roof measuring process.