Even the most successful businesses have their fair share of shortcomings, but what makes them successful is their ability to capitalize on those shortcomings and overcome bad habits.

Where does your business fall short? Do you have a hard time closing with leads? Do you tend to offer inaccurate estimates? Do you find yourself losing data or overwhelmed with paperwork? See if you can relate to any of the most common bad habits for roofers listed below and find out how RoofScope can help you conquer those challenges.

The 7 Most Costly Bad Habits of Roofers (and How to Overcome Them)

7. Erring on Estimates

Can’t seem to get your data right to win a bid? Ever left a customer angry with an inaccurate estimate? If measuring isn’t your forte or you simply don’t have time for it, leave it to the seasoned professionals at RoofScope. We have the tools and experience needed to guarantee at least a 95% accuracy rate.

6. Spending Too Much Money on Drafting

If you’re paying extra to send an employee out to a jobsite, purchasing their tools, filling up their gas tank, and paying them to draft measurement reports, you're already paying too much! RoofScope reports eliminate the need to pay for employee measuring and drafting time, gas money, measuring and drafting tools, drafting software, and any necessary drafting or safety training. Plus, wouldn’t you want to allocate your employees’ time to other, more profitable tasks?

5. Improperly Recording Data

Have you or one of your employees’ ever left a property before realizing you forgot to measure the rake edge length? Or you forgot to record the number of roof planes? Never forget even the tiniest details again! The ProScope app is designed to take the user through a simplified, easy-to-follow survey that makes sure you or your employees fill in all required fields. This can help your business make certain that the measurer doesn’t leave a jobsite without recording all the necessary data.

4. Missing Closing Opportunities

A knowledgeable salesman, a well-prepared presentation, easy-to-follow visuals, and most of all, an accurate, fair estimate can win you a roofing bid. What can make you lose a roofing bid? A boring, uninformative and unprofessional sales presentation without any visuals. Instead of trying to close a sale without any sort of presentation, use a RoofScope report to win the bid. RoofScope reports include visuals that make the customer feel involved in the process. Reports include: Aerial images of the property, color-coded plane view roof drawings, all necessary measurements and much more. When you order a RoofScope report, we can brand your reports with your company colors and logo so that they’re ready to share with customers.

3. Wasting Material

Here at RoofScope, we’re big on finding the most environmentally friendly solutions and helping our clients do the same. One of our favorite advantages to using RoofScope is that it helps reduce material waste by providing you with accurate measurements. When you reference RoofScope’s measurements to order materials, you won’t be left with excess material and wasted money. RoofScope reports also help eliminate the need to make punch runs, too!

2. Losing Documents and Data

Forget about paper clutter! Scope Technologies specifically designed the ProScope app so that roofers would have a centralized, digital location to store their data. ProScope makes it easy for you to find images and information you recorded from a previous or current project. Your records will be easy to read (no more handwritten notes!) and hard to lose (no more loose papers!). All data is securely stored in a safe, reliable cloud storage system.

1. Insufficiently Following Safety Protocol

Nix one of the most hazardous steps of the roofing process: Measuring. By ordering RoofScope reports, you eliminate the need for you or your employees’ to climb a roof to obtain accurate measurements. Therefore, you also eliminate the safety risks involved and any costly repercussions that could occur should there be any mishaps.

Our goal at RoofScope is to help you maximize productivity, keep costs low, increase profits and keep your customers happy. Should any of the above 7 costly habits be a reoccurring challenge for your company, let us know. Our knowledgeable experts can help you find a way to use RoofScope to your specific needs.