With a 95% accuracy rate and a one-day turnover , RoofScope reports save you time and the hassles of having to re-measure a roof, recalculate data or hand-draft aerial takeoff reports. As with most business processes, saved time means saved money. Here are a few other ways RoofScope reports will save you money:

1. Pay less for gas–When your roofing measurements are inaccurate, you have to drive to a site more than once to re-measure. RoofScope is so accurate that you’ll only have to visit a site once for measuring and once for inspecting.

2. Cut down on printing costs–Our reports are sent in PDF format and can easily be viewed on an iPad or iPhone. Should you choose to print out your RoofScope report, you’ll only need one 8.5” x 11” piece of paper, as we’ve cut down our reports to an environmentally-friendly one page (front and back). We even include your logo and customize reports to match your logo, meaning absolutely no design effort is needed from your company.

3. Never have to reorder materials again–Its best to get all your materials for a project in one order. With the accuracy of a RoofScope, you’ll order the exact amount of materials the first time and pay for shipping only once.

4. Don’t waste money by ordering excess materials–With RoofScope’s accurate measurements, you won’t order too much of a material, meaning you won’t have too many wasted materials left over.

5. Save on manpower–Contracting companies no longer have to employ multiple costly professionals to get roofing measurements. Some companies pay multiple employees to compile aerial takeoff reports–one to measure the roof, one to calculate measurements, one to draft the report, and one to sell additional roofing services. RoofScope allows aerial takeoff reports to easily be completed by just one employee and in much less time.

6. Don’t pay for marketing–You may not even need a sales representative; RoofScope reports can be completed by the contractor and add so much credibility to your business that they almost sell themselves. Position yourself as the industry expert you are by presenting your customers with an accurate, professional, clean report, branded with your company logo.

7. Get RoofScope Reports for free–With our exciting referral program, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of free RoofScope Reports! When you refer a friend, they will receive a $100 RoofScope gift certificate, and you will receive a $100 gift certificate.Learn more about our referral program and how you can benefit.

RoofScope was designed with the end user in mind. We’re proud to offer a product that we know will help save contractors, insurance adjusters and homeowners their biggest assets–money and time. Give RoofScope a try today!