As a roofing contractor, you’re busy. “Busy” could even be an understatement. Your schedule is cramped from juggling multiple projects and personnel each day. Some days you find yourself running from one site to the next. Not to mention the paperwork, issues with insurance companies, and the budgeting you deal with day-to-day, all while trying to please the homeowner. At RoofScope, we understand your time is valuable. RoofScope is designed to take a few steps out of the roof measuring and estimate process to give you more time to work on the other projects that will benefit your business. Spend less time preparing and more time profiting. So what are the timely hassles RoofScope eliminates for you?

  1. Measuring the roof–Our aerial technology takes measurements for you. You’ll never have to climb a roof again!
  2. Calculating roofing squares–RoofScope Reports include every measurement you need for creating estimates and ordering materials.
  3. Creating drawings to send to insurance–Your RoofScope Report will have complete measurements, renderings and images.
  4. Driving to a jobsite multiple times?–With RoofScope, one trip to each jobsite is enough to get all the information you need.
  5. Reordering or picking up extra materials–With exact and accurate measurements you’ll order the right amount of materials the first time around.
  6. Arguing over measurements with insurance companies or adjusters–Exact measurements mean no more time wasted on discrepancies.
  7. Selling a roof to homeowners–Impress potential customers and prove your roofing expertise with an easy-to-read report branded with your company logo.

Get all the roofing measurements you need by simply typing in the address on our homepage. Time saved often means money saved. Learn more about our process or call RoofScope today at 877.My.Scope to find out other ways you can save.