When it comes to measuring?for an estimate or to make material orders, there’s little room for error. Sure, you can make up for errors, but do you really want to spend the time and money on punch runs? Do you really want to deal with increased costs from over ordering materials? Do you really want to have to tell a customer you made a mistake? Probably not. That’s where Scope Technologies' products comes into play.

Whether you need to measure a roof for a roof replacement job, measure trim for an exterior paint project or measure a parking lot for a snow removal job, make sure your measurements are spot on. Scope Technologies uses the most advanced aerial imagery technology to provide the most exact scope reports available. We guarantee a 95% accuracy rate, and if by rare chance we don’t nail it on the head, you can send your reports back and our customer service representatives will resolve the issue.

RoofScope also uses a unique quality control system to ensure our reports are accurate and reliable every time.

Our customers have continually told us how happy they are with the accuracy of the reports. It’s nice to know there’s a reliable source for repeatedly accurate data, isn’t it?