At RoofScope, accuracy and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities. One way to we provide top notch customer service is by adding a personal touch to our services and reports. Our reports are hand-drafted. While we still use the latest aerial technology, our trained and certified drafters compile and review each and every report to make sure you receive the most accurate information possible. Our salesmen take the time to make sure our customers are satisfied with RoofScope during and after reports. Why? Because we truly care. Hear it from one of our recent customers:

“RoofScope adds a personal touch to their reports. They’re hand-drafted, and their salesmen make the extra effort to communicate with their customers. My salesman even checked in with me after I received my report. The other aerial takeoff companies I’ve worked with have never done that for me.”
 -Craig Wall, Roofer and Independent Adjuster, Roofing in Colorado, Inc.

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