You’ve seen it in the news–roofers or insurance adjusters who purposely create damage to a homeowner’s roof then charge them for the repairs. In fact, with the recent storms upon us, homeowners are at much higher risk for roofing scams. Homeowners put their faith and trust in these professionals to provide them with accurate roofing measurements, but while on their roof, any contractor or adjuster can very easily hide from the homeowner’s visibility to create new (and expensive!) damage. The scammer then charges the homeowner, who has no way of knowing they’ve been deceived, for this new damage.

So the question for the homeowner becomes, “Do I take the risk of allowing a contractor on my roof or do I just not repair my roof at all?”

Homeowners: You don’t have to rely on these kinds of people to get accurate roofing measurements. RoofScope is affordable, accurate and perfectly compiled to meet the needs of your contractors or insurance adjusters.

Insurance companies and contractors: Offer your customers or policyholders peace of mind and gain their trust when you tell them you can provide estimates without climbing their roof. Don’t risk losing business just because your customers feel vulnerable by having to have you on their roof. RoofScope reports are just as accurate, if not more accurate, than hand measurements. Our advanced RoofScope technology also allows for reports to be generated much more quickly than it would take for a technician to do the math by hand. RoofScope also allows homeowners, contractors and insurance adjusters to save time, money and avoid the risks of having to climb a roof.