Whether you’re managing a roofing team, a single project or an entire company, you’re constantly looking for ways to streamline business and make work easier and more organized for you and your employees.

Here are 21 ways ProScope on a new Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 will streamline your business:

21. Increase sales with better presentations: Visiting a potential customer’s home to make that final sale? Show your sales presentation on your new, bright and shiny Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 with sharp HD imagery and a large, bright display.

20. Never forget an appointment: Set alerts, calendar warnings or alarms to remind yourself of your next appointment.

19. Keep track of the details: Using your ProScope app, you can easily type in all the measurement and condition details you’ve gathered from your customer, employees or your own assessments, in the appropriate field so that they’re properly stored and easy to find the next time you need them.

18. Keep up with construction news and trends: The Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 features fast web browsing, as well as Readers Hub that gives you access to thousands of newspapers and magazines, so you can keep up with news sites, blogs and other resources you follow for industry news and information.

17. Get work done no matter where you are: With 24/7 WiFi connectivity, you can check your email, look up stored data in the ProScope app, or connect with co-workers, employees or customers no matter where you are and no matter the hour.

16. Save time on measuring: RoofScope reports, which can easily be ordered via ProScope, measure a roof for you so you don’t have to spend so much time hand-measuring for a project. For some of Scope Technologies’ products, you don’t even have to visit the site at all to get accurate measurements!

15. Keep your employees safe: Using RoofScope means you won’t have to climb a roof for accurate measurements, meaning less risk of falls or other hazards.

14. Save time on drafting: With ProScope, there’s no need to visit a site, take measurements, then drive back to your office to draft measurement reports. ProScope compiles all necessary measurement data into one beautiful, perfectly laid out report.

13. Use your extra time to focus on other parts of your business: When your new tablet makes managing your schedule easier and your ProScope app saves you time on measuring, you’ll have more time to focus on other parts of your business like sales, marketing and customer service…

12. Improve your customer service: When you’re able to respond to emails more quickly and send and receive emails no matter where you are, your customers will notice you’re more easily available, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting your company’s reputation.

11. Gather all your measurements at the same time: With ProScope, you can order other measurement reports like InsulationScope, GutterScope, SidingScope, and ConcreteScope all at the same time as ordering your RoofScope!

10. Keep track of your employees and team members: Having a fully functioning, easy-to-carry, lightweight tablet with reliable WiFi, means you’ll have easy access to your email and ProScope 24/7. You’ll have no problem keeping track of or getting a hold of your employees and team members.

9. Bring your data with you everywhere: The Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 is the perfect size for bringing it with you everywhere–to jobsites, to use at the office, to travel with, or to bring home when you have extra work after hours. You’ll always have access to the data you’ve stored in ProScope readily available.

8. Do all your office work on your tablet: In addition to gathering, compiling and storing measurement and condition data in ProScope, you’ll have access to Polaris Office on your Galaxy Tab, where you can view, edit and create PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents.

7. Be more available: “I couldn’t get a hold of you,” will no longer be a valid excuse! You’ll easily be able to receive and respond to messages from customers, employees and team members no matter where you are.

6. Stay organized: With the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1, you can easily sync your Galaxy Tab calendar with your Google calendar and Microsoft Exchange.

5. Conduct meetings wherever you are: With the Galaxy Tab’s Unified Communication feature and incredible connectivity, you can conduct a meeting no matter where you are.

4. Share and collaborate documents: Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 comes with access to ThinkFree Server, where you can easily collaborate and share Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents with others on your team.

3. Keep your data safe: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information is safe thanks to RoofScope’s incredible security measures and Samsung’s impressive security solutions.

2. Multitask: Send an email, check your calendar, and update conditional data on a jobsite, all while conducting a meeting with stakeholders across the country! From checking the weather to snapping pictures of a project, the services a new Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 can offer you are endless. And the best part? You can do all those tasks at the same time!

1. Use a tablet that can keep up with you: Don’t let bad connections or long download times slow you down. You’re busy and there’s no time to sit around and wait for your app to download or webpage to load. Enjoy fast and stable connections for quick access and to get work done efficiently.

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