When a policyholder’s property has been hit by hail or received damage that can’t be assessed from the ground, you as the insurance adjustor, have to drive all the way out to the property, climb the roof to assess the damage, take images, then go back to the office and file a report. Or do you?

RoofScope uses advanced aerial technology and the company’s proprietary software to capture images of the roof and to accurately compile the measurements into a clean, easy-to-understand report. RoofScope makes the damage assessment process:


You almost literally don’t have to do anything to get more accurate reports that would otherwise take hours. To get a full report, simply type in the address on the RoofScope homepage then follow the quick, easy steps to order your report.


Forget about driving back and forth to properties to get assessment images and measurements. Getting a reliable, accurate assessment report takes under 10 minutes to order and will be in your inbox within 48 hours of ordering.


You no longer have to climb the roof to get measurements, meaning less risk for you and less worry for the property owner.


RoofScope saves you and your company money on gas, labor and materials. Time is money, and RoofScope will save you a whole lot of both!

More Accurate

RoofScope reports offer sharp imagery of the roof along with highly accurate measurements. In fact, RoofScope guarantees at least a 95% accuracy rate on all measurements! This industry-leading accuracy and reliable imagery from a reputable third party means less disagreements on repair costs and happier, more trusting policyholders.

Quit wasting your company’s time and money on unnecessary steps in the assessment process. Speed up adjustments by using RoofScope starting today!