When you present an interested customer with a RoofScope report, you make them feel more involved and more inclined to trust you. By showing them aerial images of their property and plane view drawings, you show them proof of damage and you back up your material and time estimations. Many property owners or managers are skeptical of contractors, but with reliable third-party measurement reports, YOU give them reason not to speculate.

RoofScope reports are a great sales tool, but let’s take it a step further and completely turn your RoofScope report into a sales presentation by re-branding the reports with your company’s name. By simply branding your RoofScope report with your company logo, you add credibility and increase exposure of your company name. Our drafters can also alter the colors to match your logo.

A RoofScope report branded with your logo and company details is the easiest way to obtain your measurement data, images, drawings and sales presentation all in one step!

To brand your reports with your company name, call 877.697.2673 to speak with one of our sales representatives.