Attention roofers: Next time a potential customer considers DIY roofing over your services, remember these 8 key reasons why professional roofers exist for a reason.

  1. Safety–Climbing on top of a roof to take measurements or make repairs is hazardous, especially to an inexperienced roofer. Using certain roofing tools can also be dangerous. Professional roofers have experience and training in working with roofing tools, materials and ladders.
  2. Quality–A homeowner taking on a roofing job for the first time is far less likely to perform quality work without error than a seasoned roofer. Also, better quality work looks better and lasts longer.
  3. Cost of repairs–As with most projects, if you get it done right the first time, you spend less time and money on repairs.
  4. Order the right amount of materials–Professional roofers who use RoofScope reports will get there measurements right the first time, meaning they’ll order the perfect amount of materials for every roofing project. With RoofScope’s precise measurements, roofers no longer waste money from buying excess materials nor will they have to make multiple orders for materials.
  5. Cost of buying tools–Roofers already have all the tools needed for all roofing projects. The typical homeowner does not have the necessary tools for a roofing project and would have to spend quite a bit of money on tools they’ll only use once.
  6. Time–Without the need to spend time researching and shopping for tools or materials, roofing experts are able to repair or install roofs quicker than non-professionals.
  7. Lifespan–Quality craftsmanship directly correlates with the life of a roof. The more precisely a roof is repaired or installed, the longer the roof will last.
  8. Appearance–A professionally-installed roof looks better than a roof done by a non-professional. Low quality craftsmanship that looks like a DIY project makes a house look cheaper or older than it really is.

If you do happen to have that conversation with a homeowner about why hiring a roofing company to repair or install their roof is best for their home, back yourself up with a RoofScope report. Presenting a RoofScope report, which we brand with your company name, logo and colors, supports your case, enhances your professionalism, and makes you stand out against the competition. Scope your customers’ roof today by visiting or call 877.My.Scope to learn what else RoofScope reports can do for your and your company.