RoofScopeX reports are designed to offer the fastest measurements and images, usually to be used to generate a quick estimate. Your RoofScopeX order will be delivered within three hours of ordering.

For a more in-depth estimate and to help with ordering materials, you can upgrade to a complete RoofScope report which includes all the details you need and will be delivered in less than three hours depending on the chosen delivery time.

Benefits to upgrading:

-Complete measurements

-Increased accuracy

-Exact measurements to help you place material orders

-Plane view drawings color-coded by line type

-Images of the structure from north, south, east and west views

Order Both RoofScopeX and RoofScope Reports Together

If upon ordering a RoofScopeX report, you already know you want to upgrade to a complete RoofScope report, you can order a RoofScope along with your RoofScopeX order. Simply check both the “RoofSCopeX” and “RoofScope” checkboxes upon checkout. You’ll receive your RoofScopeX report within three hours and your RoofScope report shortly after depending on the selected delivery time. When you order both together, you’ll receive our special combo pricing–at least a $5 discount on your RoofScope report.

Upgrade after Placing Your RoofScopeX Order

If you wish to upgrade your RoofScopeX to a RoofScope report after you’ve already placed your RoofScopeX order, simply log in to your account, view your orders, click “Upgrade” on the right side of the order form, then confirm your order for a RoofScope report. You’ll receive a confirmation email and will still receive our special combo pricing–$5 or more discounted off your RoofScope order.

Questions? Comments? Our customer service representatives exist to make life easier for you! Give us a call at 877-697-2673, and we’ll help you out.