Gain a competitive edge by maximizing your experience at the 2014 International Roofing Expo. As one of the largest roofing conventions in the world, IRE provides numerous opportunities to build your network, be the first to see the newest technologies, check out cutting-edge materials, and learn more about your trade from industry experts. Below are a few tips for capitalizing on these opportunities. Exchange Business Cards Don’t leave your business cards in your hotel room, and more importantly don’t forget to pack them in your suitcase! Have a business card ready for the influential people you meet at the expo. You never know who you’ll enounter. A one-of-a-kind product expert? A future employee or employer? Your ideal business partner? Be prepared! Tailor your Participation to Your Interests Whether you’re a commercial contractor or a residential contractor, a supplier or an architect, there’s a conference tailored toward you. Check out IRE’s schedule of conference tracks, programs and continuing education opportunities by viewing their conferences page. Ask Questions If you’re going to get answers to long-standing questions, expert opinions or off-shoot information you’ve had a hard time finding, IRE is the place to get it! You’ll be surrounded by people passionate about roofing who will be happy to help you. Get Involved There are several events where you can connect with others in the industry. From volunteering and golf outings to parties and conferences, there’s an opportunity for every attendee to build their network. Check out the IRE list of special events. Save on Travel Book through the IRE website to get great travel deals on hotels and transportation. Getting deals on travel means you can have more fun on your free time! Afterall, it is Vegas… View the IRE travel page. Make Decisions that Are Best for Your Businesses’ Bottom Line If you’re aiming to improve your business, IRE is the place to be. No matter which sector of the roofing industry you specialize in, there are countless opportunities to help you out. Get multiple expert opinions, compare products’ value and costs from different manufacturers, and discover various technologies that you may never have known existed! By shopping around and visiting different exhibitors and vendors, you allow yourself to make purchases or decisions that best meet your companies’ individual needs. For further details about exhibitors, events and features of the 2014 International Roofing Expo, visit their website at