Roofers: How do your competitors approach potential customers with their roofing proposals? How do other roofers in your market present their estimates? How do they snag the sales that you wish you could have gotten? More importantly, how do you snag the sales that they wish they could have gotten?

RoofScope is the tool your company needs to get the competitive edge against other roofing contractors in your area. Here are some of the top 6 reasons a homeowner should choose you, a smart roofer who uses RoofScope:

-You’re one step ahead of other roofers–Show your potential customer a clean, easy-to-read report with color-coded drawings and aerial images of their roof (before they even hire you!) and they’ll quickly be able to tell you’re on top of your game

-You can guarantee more accurate estimates–Every RoofScope report guarantees 95% accuracy, which in turn, allows you to provide the most accurate estimate of all your competitors

-You’re an environmentally-friendly company–When you use RoofScope reports with the upmost accuracy, you reduce material waste by minimizing material order errors and you reduce gas usage by not having to drive back and forth to a job site for remeasuring

-You can lower costs–RoofScope reports save roofers time and money from hand-measuring a structure and also minimize the mistake of over-ordering materials

-You can easily prove your legitimacy–Many homeowners are wary of roofing salesman knowing that many illegitimate roofers exist; however, with a RoofScope report, you prove your commitment to their project and legitimacy as a company

Our goal at RoofScope is to help roofers streamline their work and gain new business. The next time you’re working hard to get a potential customer to hire your company, keep these key points in mind.

RoofScope can also brand your RoofScope reports with your company colors and logo. Call 877.697.2673 for more information today!