At Scope Technologies, we understand your need as a contractor to make the most of your time and to close the sales you work hard to gain. RoofScope was designed by contractors, for contractors. That’s why we’ve optimized RoofScope so you can easily use it to attract new customers and finalize your sales.

A few ways you can use RoofScope reports to back up your sales presentation:

Explain what RoofScope is and the benefits of using it

In a nutshell, RoofScope uses aerial imagery and 3D modeling software to get measurements that are more accurate and more quickly obtained than hand measuring a roof. RoofScope saves you, the contractor, and therefore the customer, time, money and materials, making it both an efficient and environmentally friendly tool.

Don’t forget to mention the key selling points for choosing a contractor who uses RoofScope.

Show the potential customer an actual RoofScope report or order a report for them before closing the sale

The layout of a RoofScope report was specifically designed to be used as a clean presentation piece that’s easy for the property owner and the insurance adjuster to understand. Scope Technologies can brand your RoofScope report with your company name, logo and company colors to serve as an even more impressive presentation piece. When you offer customers a RoofScope report before even closing the sale, you give them a chance to:

-Visualize the completed project (Seeing images may also help them with visualizing their shingle color and style options)

-See the scope of the project

-See what they’re property looks like from all different aerial angles

More importantly, presenting a sample or an actual RoofScope report shows that you’re on top of your game and that you already know how much material to order and how much the project will cost.

You’ve got the quality craftsmanship, the customer service, and the reliability that make you a top choice as a roofing contractor–You just need a way to prove it. Close more sales by gaining the competitive advantage with RoofScope reports starting today.