Are you usually swamped with projects during hail season? Is your business flooded with phone calls every time hail hits?

When your business gets too busy to handle, streamline your processes with easy-to-use tools like RoofScope.

How do RoofScope’s accurate and simple roof measurement reports make your workload easier to tackle?

-Helps you provide accurate estimates and material orders

-Saves you manpower and labor costs by measuring roofs for you

-Compiles all information into one report

-Saves you money by preventing material order errors

-Saves you money and time from having to drive back and forth to a site

-Helps you gain sales when you present a homeowner with aerial images of hail damage and complete measurement drawings of their roof

-Keeps you and your team organized–You can even compile measurements and images into our mobile app, ProScope, to organize your data and easily share it with your team of roofers.

If you’re not seeing a flood of requests and phone calls from customers when hail hits, learn how to use RoofScope as a marketing tool to gain new business.

Has your territory been infested with fake roofing companies or storm chasers trying to scam homeowners? If so, learn how to use RoofScope to gain business among a sea of storm chasers.