RoofScope saves contractors, insurance adjusters, engineers, and architects time, money and manpower by measuring roofs for them at unbeatable accuracy rates. All of these savings leave roof for companies time, money and resources to pursue new business.

Here’s how to use RoofScope as a marketing tool:

Back up your estimates

Remind the homeowner that you’re using an industry-leading tool that backs your measurements and helps make your material orders more accurate, meaning your estimates will be spot on.

Supplement your accurate estimates with a beautiful report

RoofScope will already give you the measurements you need to come up with an accurate estimate, but you should also present the full, clean, impressive looking RoofScope report to supplement your estimate.

Offer estimates on more than just roofing

Scope Technologies has created similar tools for other types of home improvement contractors. If you also provide siding, painting, concrete, or insulation services, you can offer multiples estimates at once by backing them with SidingScope, PaintScope, ConcreteScope, or InsulationScope.

To learn more about how RoofScope reports serve as an effective marketing tool, check outRoofScope Reports: Your Ticket to Instant Credibility.