Life is a Series of Measurements

Our life is a series of measurements. Our ability to learn and retain knowledge is measured in school. We measure the amount of medication we take, how much our kids have grown and how much we've advanced in our career since we started. Accurate measurements are also crucial when getting off on the right foot with projects. Not only will proper measurements help you get your numbers down, but they will also assist with timing, planning, and know just how many people you'll need. Measuring is a way of life.

That's why Scope Technologies exists. We are dedicated to getting you the most accurate measurements and estimates possible so that you can keep all your "measurements" on task. If you're still not convinced, here are just a few more reasons why your company needs Scope Technologies.

Guaranteed Accuracy Can Do a Lot For You and Your Business

We all know that not having the right measurements can lead to issues that can take a project from zero to chaos in sixty seconds or less. That's why we know the accuracy we provide is invaluable to your growth and success.

Save Time on Estimating and Measuring.

They say "measure twice, cut once" but with ScopeTech once is all you need. You'll have the correct measurements sent right to your desktop or smartphone!

Order the Right Amount of Materials

One of the biggest (and sometimes scariest) issues in ordering materials is finding out your just a couple feet short. If you've ever felt the pain of this happening you know how important it is to place your order and know it's right the first time.

Generate Timelines and Estimated Finish Dates

Just as much as clients want to know when you're going to start, they want to know when you're going to be finished. Having the ability to forecast the time it should take your crew to complete their project is a game changer. You can easily create a timeline so that you know you are on track and if an obstacle arises, quickly adapt.

Faster service, Happier Customers

Having the ability to speak to a client on the phone, put in your request to Scope Technologies, and then have your report delivered within 48 hours is a wow factor, to say the least. Previously it could take a week or more to perform those tasks. We've removed that headache from your list of obstacles and done the process one better by making it something we can even deliver to your smartwatch!
While we can't clean your office or order coffee and donuts, we can make the critical operations of your business hum like a well-oiled machine. Scope Technologies is not "a" resource you should use; it is "the" resource you should use to make a little magic happen within your business. And we can all use a little magic now and again, right?
Scope Technologies delivers a suite of measurement reports and services for the contractor, architect, engineer, and insurance adjuster. Using aerial imagery and the latest software, we create highly detailed and accurate reports compiling all essential measurements and images into an easy-to-read, environmentally friendly report. Along with its flagship brand, RoofScope, we offer takeoff reports for Gutters, Siding, Paint, Insulation, and Concrete, as well as providing reports from Blueprints. For more information contact us today!