Do you work in a region that was affected by the recent major hailstorms? As you probably already know, storm chasers are out everywhere, scamming homeowners and dashing away with their money. You could potentially be losing business to these scamming storm chasers who offer ridiculous specials, make unrealistic claims such as “your insurance company will pay for your new roof” or by saying that that they’ll pay the homeowner’s insurance deductible for them.

Here are the top tips to share with homeowners in your area:

Look out for over-the-top offers

Storm chasers will offer incredible and unrealistic offers to get a homeowner’s business.

Get everything in writing before hiring a contractor

Having printed contracts, proof of licensing and proof of insurance in the hands of the homeowner will help them realize a roofer is illegitimate.

Do background research before accepting

A simple Google search can save a homeowner from falling victim to a storm chaser’s scam.

Here’s how to prove your own legitimacy:

-Show homeowner’s proof of your local licensing

-Show homeowner’s proof of your insurance coverage

-Have references readily available so that they can talk to recent customers

-Have agreements in writing; print documents to put potential customers at ease

-Show proof that you’ve been in business for more than a year

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be rewarded for being an honest, reliable roofer. Keep your customers and homeowners in your region aware of this post-storm scam that is unfortunately becoming more and more common.