March is the time of year when business seems to pick up for everyone. We’re wrapping up the first quarter, the weather is changing (hopefully improving) in most parts of the US and more homeowners and property managers are finalizing renovation decisions.

When it comes to the beginning of any busy season, there are usually two kinds of starts your business will have: A smooth, well-prepared start or… utter chaos!

We’ve all been there, at that crazy beginning to Q2. Everything seems to be going smoothly, it’s a slightly calm and quiet winter and then bam! Spring hits and your workload takes a 180. You realize no amount of preparation could have equipped you for the chaos! It’s almost like being a kid on summer break. You’re having an awesome summer vacation without a care in the world, then realize you have class in less than a week and you’ve bought zero of your school supplies, you haven’t even looked at your schedule, you forgot to do your summer reading assignments–PLUS, more importantly, you’re not ready to give up your summer days sleeping in and playing outside!

Sometimes the chaos is inevitable, but there are definitely ways for a smoother transition. For starters, you can streamline your estimating to cut down some of your preparation costs and time. Scope Technologies products are designed with the contractor in mind, to help you:

-Streamline estimating

-Reduce measuring and drafting time

-Reduce measuring and drafting costs

-To save you time and money from dealing with material order errors

Make life easier for yourself this year by utilizing technology to streamline processes! Whether you’re a seasoned Scope Technologies customer or you’re curious about the product, you won’t regret using our products. Especially with new products like RoofScopeX, Scope Technologies guarantees you’ll find our tools helpful in saving time and money.