Navigating the Construction Industry in 2019

As the construction industry meets the needs of our changing society, it's essential that we not only work together but that we support each other in a manner that helps our whole industry move forward. Here are a few ways we can improve our industry and help all of us find success.

Co-Marketing and Partnerships

Find those that you trust, that you know to do good work and are open to working together to move both of your businesses forward. If you know a great plumber, then advertise their services with yours. Having a contractor that you can go to that can help you with all of your needs is a huge bonus. Plus small businesses pulling together has a significant number of benefits- think about it, there is strength in numbers!

Embrace Diversity

Our industry needs qualified workers. This means embracing changes in the industry and adapting to new learning styles. This can include introducing technology, work/life balance needs, and offering training. Construction is hard work, and it's essential that you find the right people to do the job. It may also mean that there is a need for training older workers and encouraging younger workers to embrace the benefits of a job that is both creative and labor intensive.

Rent vs. Own

When it comes to equipment, you may want to rent equipment rather than make an inward investment into expensive tools. This is also a great way to partner with other businesses.

Know Where The Industry is Doing All the Work

If you specialize in home repairs, then you need to go into areas that have a high demand for that service. If you want to work on large commercial buildings, then you need to go where those are being built. If you aren't willing to go where the work is, you'll need to change what you're offering. There will always be a need for those that can build things. You need to adapt to the changes in your area of the industry.
While there are many changes, there are also many opportunities; you simply need to know where to find them. Don't be afraid to be a trendsetter!