Welcome to 2015, your year for optimal productivity! At RoofScope, we serve as a productivity booster for our clients. We don’t just help you get more done, but we also help you get more done wisely.

So how does using a RoofScope report help you boost productivity?

10. We leave you time to work on other things.

Focus on other tasks like sales and marketing while we do the drafting.

9. We open up your appointment schedule.

Schedule a sales meeting instead of scheduling time to visit a jobsite to measure.

8. We help you gain more bids.

It’s a chain reaction: We help increase the accuracy and delivery speed of your estimates. This makes your customers happy. Then your happy customers refer you to others. More referrals means more bid requests and a more solid, better reputation.

7. We kick start your sales presentation.

Master your presentation skills and feel more confident with RoofScope reports. Our reports feature sleek designs and impressive information. We send all of our reports presentation-ready (and can even brand it with your company's logo and colors), whether you need it in print or on your mobile device.

6. We speed up the estimating process.

Which method is faster: Typing in a few pieces of data on the RoofScope website or driving do a job site to measure and then head back to the office to draft? When you order a RoofScope report, your basically eliminating the entire measuring and drafting process.

5. We allow you to take on more work.

When you use RoofScope reports, your rate of providing estimates increases rapidly. This means you can handle a heavier workload and fulfill more bid requests.

4. We eliminate safety hassles.

You have enough safety protocol to follow when your actually working on the roof. Don’t let safety issues get in the way of your work flow. Eliminate any risk of danger to your employees by completely eliminating the need to have them climb on the roof for measurements.

3. We create a constant flow of accurate data.

Faulty data can slow your business down and even hurt your reputation. You can depend on RoofScope to keep your estimates in line by collecting reliable data that is more accurate than hand measuring

2. We streamline your material order process.

When you have accurate measurements taken for you, you can perfect your material orders so that you don’t have to make punchruns and so that you don’t have too much excess material once the project is completed.

1. We increase morale.

When you’re making customers happier with more accurate estimates, you’re also bettering your business and making your employees feel more successful and more motivated.

So leave the busy work to us! We’ll measure and draft; You do all the other things you need to do to run your business. Deal?