Do you manage a snow plow business? Do you offer snow removal services in the winter months? Are you looking to attract new customers? Win more bids? Offer better service?

Earn more business and become a local favorite by using ConcreteScope!

With ConcreteScope, you can offer fast and accurate snow removal bids (without even visiting a job site!) to save your company and your customers time and money.

How does it work?

ConcreteScope uses aerial technology and Scope Technologies’ proprietary drafting software to draft measurement and assessment reports that are far more accurate and faster than hand-measured and hand-drafted reports.

You can simply type in the address of the lot, driveway or area you want measured at, and we’ll send you a report within a quick 48 hours.

Make your job easier on yourself, offer more estimates, and gain new customers! Try a ConcreteScope report today!