As a property owner, a homeowner, a real estate developer or a property manager, finding a reliable, trustworthy contractor is essential in maintaining and bettering your property. If you don’t already have a go-to roofer, patio installer, siding specialist, Scope Technologies’ tools can help you find the most reliable contractor around.

When it comes down to the bidding process, you’re being presented with several measurement reports, estimates and bids from various contractors. But how sure are you that those measurements are accurate? Do all of your bidders have the same numbers and estimates? Are you absolutely positive those bids are the lowest price they could possibly be? Do you feel in control of your own bidding process? Possibly not. And if you did answer no to those questions, know that there are ways to take control of your own bidding process. And here's how:

Know Exactly What to Look for On Each Bid

The first step to taking control of the bidding process is having an idea of the scope of the project before the contractors even present them to you. You should know approximately how many roofing squares are need to replace your roof or how many linear feet of gutters are needed to install a new gutters system on your property. How do you do that? Order a third party takeoff report, the same takeoff reports used by many professional contractors throughout the US, to know what to look for in a bid.

All the Details You Need to Control Your Own Bidding Process

Whether you’re requesting bids for a new construction, a reroofing project or a new paint job, Scope Technologies’ reports will give you all the data you need to know to verify bids. From the fascia measurements to the number of downspouts on a property, Scope Technologies reports do not slack on details! Our reports include everything you need to know to estimate a project, start budgeting and place a material order.

Increase Competition for Higher Quality and Higher Value

Once you know the exact measurements of your property you can verify bids and weed out the inefficient bidders. By having this power to verify bids, you raise your standards and increase competition, helping you get a higher quality contractor at a better price. Increased competition also means you have more room for negotiating and lowering prices. You also have that blanket of security that you won’t be taken advantage of or ripped off by an overpriced contractor!

You as a property manager, developer or owner have the power to take charge of your bidding process. Don’t let any bidder take advantage of you or control your bidding process. Get ahead of the game and try a scope report today.