Roofing is no easy job, especially for small roofing companies. As a small roofing business owner, you may find yourself feeling like a one-man show. You put in countless hours and effort into coordinating the planning, measuring, employees, customer service, and marketing. Oh, and then there’s that one really important part: the physical labor!

When you’re dividing the work of several people by a group of very few, work can get overwhelming to say the least. RoofScope is your cost-effective way to lighten the workload. RoofScope measures roofs for you using aerial technology, then sends you a report with all the measurements you need to provide accurate estimates and plans to begin roofing.

RoofScope reports include:

  • Square footage totals
  • Totals of high roof
  • Low slope and steep slope square footage
  • Roof plane breakdown of area and pitch
  • Hatch for flat roof system recommendations
  • Hatch for Ice & Water Shield as per municipal code
  • A plain view drawing of the roof, color-coded by roof edge type
  • Aerial images from all angles to give you a visual of your project

RoofScope reports can be branded with your company’s logo and color schemes, meaning you can take the RoofScope report you receive in your inbox and hand it straight to a potential customer, demonstrating how technologically-savvy and industry-advanced you are.

All you have to do to order a RoofScope report is:

  • Login to RoofScope or create an account
  • Type in the address you want scoped
  • Answer three quick questions
  • Enter your coupon code if you have one (We like to share special offers to our loyal customers!)
  • Click “Order Report”
  • Enter your payment information
  • Receive your RoofScope report
  • Use the report to create estimates, plan your project, share with your customers, and smoothly move on with the roofing process!

RoofScope reports are accurate, clean, and easy-to-read. These reports have just the right amount of detail to help make explaining a roofing project and estimate to your customers easier than ever before.