Scope Technologies, the leading provider of remote aerial measurements, is pleased to announce the launch of RoofScope?. Using Scope Technologies' unique aerial measuring tools and ScopeCAD, a proprietary drafting software made by Scope Technologies' engineers, RoofScope compiles architectural roof drawings and measurements into a two-page, easy-to-read report. RoofScope Reports save contractors time and money and position them in the market as industry-dominating experts.

"RoofScope does all the measuring for you, and at a 95% accuracy rate, gets all measurements right for you the first time," says Eric Hansen, Director of Technology at RoofScope. "Long gone are the days of climbing on top of a roof with a tape measure, showing up to a job site with too little material, or arguing with insurance companies or homeowners over measurement discrepancies."

To use RoofScope, contractors, homeowners, claims adjusters, or insurance companies simply type a structure's address into the RoofScope website and request a report. At an environmentally friendly two-pages long, RoofScope reports are branded with the assessing company's logo, allowing them to impress clients and further prove their expertise.

"RoofScope reports will revolutionize the roofing industry," says Jerod Raisch, founder of Scope Technologies. "All parties benefit from these quick and concise reports. Contractors can offer more exact estimates and better prepare for projects. Homeowners can compare contractor bids to get the best price. Insurance companies can get more complex drawings with guaranteed accuracy."

RoofScope continually runs quality control best practices to ensure the data is precise. For more information about RoofScope or to order a report, visit

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