As a contractor or project manager, your team depends on you to be on top of your game at all times. You’re the go-to person for all questions about the status of the project and all the nitty gritty details of the project. Your team relies on you to always know the exact measurements, the amount of materials required and the next steps in the construction process. One of the biggest challenges of this role is keeping all information organized and finding the best method for storing your documents, data and notes.

With ProScope, you can easily store all your documents, photos, data and notes in one central location. ProScope was designed by contractors for contractors and will keep your crew organized in several ways:

7. Store all documents in one place–ProScope allows you and your team members to store all photos, documents, measurements and notes in one central location.

6. Never lose documents and data again–ProScope stores your data to a cloud-based system for reliable and secure safekeeping.

5. Add consistency to your damage assessment and estimating processes–ProScope takes you through an easy-to-follow process ensuring the user stores the same class of information for every assessment report. You’re also guaranteed to get compatible measurements for all exterior projects when you order scopes for gutters, insulation, siding and painting all through the same app.

4. Easily update or revise documents or data–ProScope’s streamlined navigation makes it easier than ever to revise your documents, update your notes or add images to your report.

3. Keep team members accountable–ProScope accounts can be set up so that supervisors can access all employees’ or teammates’ data. Also, users won’t be able to skip assessment steps, as ProScope prohibi s the user from proceeding without inputing essential data.

2. Make your sales presentations more consistent–ProScope reports are readily available in presentation format on your mobile device, meaning any member of your team could easily present it to an interested prospect.

1. Keep track of which documents belong to which project–ProScope has a simplified labeling and storing system, which greatly reduces the chances of intermixing data from different projects or misplacing or mislabeling images or documents.

Optimize your efficiency and be the well-organized leader your team needs you to be. Learn how to download ProScope today and discover other ways that ProScope can benefit your company.