When delivering a sales presentation to a potential customer, what is it that makes you stand out to that customer? What is it that makes you a better choice than another contractor competing for this property owner’s business? Is it your great timely service? Your accurate quotes? Your attention to detail? How about your ability to save the customer money? Sure, any contractor can say they possess these great qualities, but how do you prove them?

Take our hints on how to close a sale using RoofScope and don’t forget to remind your potential customers that when they choose a contractor that uses RoofScope they’ll experience:

Less Risk of Safety Hazards

Since RoofScope uses aerial technology to measure the roof, you, the contractor, don’t have to spend as much time on the roof, minimizing the risk of accidents or falls. This takes a little stress of the property owner’s shoulders.

More Accurate Estimates

You’ll be providing the potential customer with an estimate and measurement report more accurate than any other contractor vying for their business. Scope Technologies uses spot-on aerial technology to develop measurement reports and guarantees an industry-leading 95% accuracy rate.

Faster Process

Your customers will get an estimate from you quicker than any other contractor could possibly offer. With RoofScope, you increase the speed of measuring and estimating without sacrificing accuracy.

More Money Saved

Reports as accurate as RoofScope reports reduce the amount of wasted material and time required for measuring, therefore saving money. Some of our customers have reported even getting more supplementation from insurance companies by having RoofScope measurements readily available.

Speed. Accuracy. Safety. Savings. Win your bids. Gain new customers. Be the contractor with comprehensive offerings no other can contractor can match. Order a RoofScope report?today!