What’s the strangest roofing request you’ve ever received? Have you ever had to measure a uniquely shaped roof or a roof that just seemed downright impossible to measure? Was it as quirky as the roof of an office building shaped like a giant woven basket? Was it as futuristic as the roof of a swerving, curvy metallic concert hall? Was it as iconic as shoelace-adorned roof on a home shaped like a shoe?

Below is our list of the 30 most unique Roofs in America, and we’ll see if you agree!

30. Monte-Silo House in Woodland, Utah

29.Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI

28.The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA

27. Pod House in Perinton, New York

26.Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, WA

25.Habitat 76 in Montreal

24.The Steel House in Lubbock, TX

23.City Museum in St. Louis, MO

22.Amory Lovins House in Snowmass, CO?

21.Mushroom House in Cincinnati, OH

20.Coney Island Hot Dog Stand in Bailey, CO

19.Shangri-La House in Aguilar, CO

18.Longaberger Home Office (The Basket Building) in Newark, OH

17.Mystery Castle in Phoenix, AZ

16.Twistee Treat in North Fort Meyers, FL

15.Stata Center at MIT in Cambridge, MA

14.Haines Shoe House in Hallam, PA

13.Airforce Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO

12.Dome Home in Pensacola Beach, FL

11.United Equipment Company Headquarters in Turlock, CA

10.Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA

9.Tempe Municipal Building in Tempe, AZ

8.Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, CO

7.Conch Shell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

6.USCD Geisel Library in San Diego, CA

5.Superdawg in Chicago, IL

4.Gingerbread House in Orlando, FL

3.Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, WI

2.Flintstones House in Lamy, NM

1.?????–YOU tell us!

We're counting on YOU to help us find the 30th most unique home in America!

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