RoofScopeX is the #1 way to get a takeoff report when you need one immediately. RoofScopeX is guaranteed to speed up your estimating time and save you money with its:

-Three-hour turnaround time

-Competitive pricing

-Clean, easy-to-use layout

-Clear imagery


RoofScopeX reports contain all the takeoff data you need in just two pages and are even available for multi-unit properties. RoofScopeX reports will help save your business time and money. Learn about our upgrade options and combo pricing.

*Scope Technologies’ 95% accuracy guarantee does not apply to RoofScopeX reports. These reports are designed to serve customers who are more concerned with the speed of delivery rather than the accuracy of their reports. If you’d like a more accurate report, RoofScopeX reports can be upgraded to RoofScope reports at a discounted price.