Here at RoofScope, every day is Earth Day! We pride ourselves in our abilities to help contractors and homeowners save time, money and resources by using RoofScope. Below are the top 3 ways using RoofScope helps the environment:

1. Our reports are electronic. Why waste paper when you can just pull up your report in your email on your iPad! With our new mobile app, ProScope, our reports are easier to order than ever, meaning you’ll use less energy to get your digital report.

2. If you do choose to print your report, we condense all essential information into just one environmentally-friendly piece of paper printed front and back.

3. Planning with RoofScope reports will require less driving. Save on the gas and CO2 emmissions wasted on driving to and from a job site to double check measurements or to purchase materials forgotten due to poor measuring. With RoofScope reports, you’ll get accurate measurements compiled for you.

4. You'll waste less materials. Proper planning with our accurate reports means you'll get your material orders right the first time.

It’s as simple as that! By providing digital, condensed, simple, and accurate services, we help you save the environment, and we love doing so!

Order your environmentally-friendly RoofScope report today!