The benefits of using RoofScope reports are seemingly endless. They help with the logistics of your roofing projects, the organization of your roofing team and the successes of your sales and marketing efforts. We decided to break it down to remind our customers the value of the scope reports they’re getting.

Here are the top 10 ways our customers benefit from using RoofScope:

10. Save Time–Less measuring time, less time making up for errors, less punch runs

9. Save Money–No more expensive errors, lower labor costs, reduce amount of gas required for making punch runs or driving back to your office to draft reports

8. Provide More Accurate Estimates–More accurate measurements means more accurate estimates and happier, trusting customers

7. Build Your Businesses’ Reputation–Happier customers mean more referrals, better reviews and an overall better reputation

6. Avoid Measurement Discrepancies–Third party measurements means you don’t have to argue with homeowners and they don’t have to argue with insurance inspectors over measurement and assessment data

5. Gain New Customers–Finalize more sales and build your referral basis by offering free roof assessment reports

4. Offer Quicker Results for Property Owners–Customers get to enjoy the final product quicker when you spend less time hand-drafting reports or making up for measurement errors

3. Keep Your Employees Safe–Reduce the risks associated with climbing a roof for measurements

2. Build Better Relationships with Customers–Gain credibility by providing customers with accurate data at no additional cost for them

1. Put Property Owners at Ease–When customers are happier, your business does better; Give your customers better results, faster service and data provided by a reputable third party

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