RoofScopeX is taking the roofing industry by storm, lowering costs and helping contractors throughout the US save hours worth of measuring, drafting and estimating time.

So how exactly is RoofScopeX lowering roofers’ costs?

The seasoned professionals at Scope Technologies can provide takeoff reports in a fraction of the time it takes the average roofing company to create a takeoff and at a fraction of the cost! Drafting and remote measuring is what we do. We’re industry-leading experts at it!

-No more punch runs

-No more last minute expensive material orders

-No need to pay a drafter

-No need to drive to a site and climb a ladder!

Cutting down estimating time means you’re maximizing your own time or your employees’ time, which means you get better value. And lower spending means higher profit.

Leave the takeoffs to the experts. We can do it in less time and at a lower cost. Rely on RoofScopeX!