Laying brick or stone on a patio? Adding a trim to a driving? Installing a new sidewalk? Adding a new hardscape feature? Creating a pool deck? Plowing snow in a parking lot? Stamping a concrete walkway? Building a tennis court, basketball court or other outdoor sports area? How about a shuffleboard court? Whether you’re paving, installing, plowing, cleaning, staining, stamping or enhancing a concrete or asphalt surface, ConcreteScope will streamline the planning, measuring and estimating processes for you.

Contractors, remodelers, builders, snow removers, parking lot owners, homeowners and anyone who needs to complete a concrete or asphalt project, you can use ConcreteScope to:

-Create an estimate for a customer

-Double check the estimate another contractor gave you

-Get a general idea of how much your project will cost

-Get a general idea of how much material you need to order

-Get a general idea of how long the project will take

-Get a clear aerial visual of what the project surface looks like

No matter what stage of the planning process you’re in–from the bidding stages to the middle of a project–you’ll find that a ConcreteScope report is vital to keeping you on track. Whether you need a birds’ eye visual of your project or the measurement numbers in an instant, ConcreteScope reports have the essential data you need in a concise, easy-to-use report.