RoofScopeX reports are an excellent way to get fast measurement estimates for quick material orders or quick estimating. When you upgrade to a RoofScope report, you’ll get complete measurements at a guaranteed 95% accuracy rate.

Your RoofScopeX will include fast estimates of:


-Total SQ

-Total SQ per pitch

-An aerial image of the structure

Your upgrade will include:

-Total roof SQ

-SQs of total pitch area, total flat area, steep roof, low slope and high roof

-Number of roof planes and structures

-LFs of eaves, rake edges, ridges, valleys, slope changes, flashing and total perimeter

-Plane view drawings with color-coded line types

-Easy-to-use roof plane summary

-Aerial images of the structure from four different angles

If you haven’t already, upgrading your RoofScopeX report to a RoofScope is easy! Here's how.