Frequently Asked Questions

What types of buildings can be scoped?

Our technicians are trained in scoping all types of structures, including residential, commercial and multifamily, and industrial. Regardless of the building classification, Scope Report can put together an incredibly accurate report for you.

How long will it take for my Scope Report to be completed?

Our general turnaround is within two business days (Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm MST). For a small fee we can provide next day service and even same day service, with your scopes delivered in as little as three hours.

How do I select the property I want measured?

Type in the address on the Scope Report homepage and hit search. Once on the map, simply place the location marker over the property you want scoped. If our technicians are unsure of which property to scope, we will contact you to verify the address.

How can I customize my report with my business logo? Can I change the color of my report?

Only customers currently under a monthly contract are able to customize their reports with their business logo and preferred color scheme.

What should I do if I find errors in my Scope Report?

Please notify us immediately using the Contact Us page. If there is more than a 5% difference in linear footage or square footage between our scope and the actual measurements, we will provide you a promotional code for one Scope Report free of charge.

I have a property with multiple buildings. Can I get one Scope Report for all of them?

Yes, we can run one comprehensive report for all the buildings on the property, or we can run multiple reports identifying only the unique buildings on the property. It's up to you, just let us know when placing your order!

Can I get a Scope Report report on any property in the United States?

We can perform a scope on approximately 90% of the addresses in the United States. If for any reason the property cannot be scoped, we will give you the contact information for the most accurate competitor in that area. We will also credit your account for the amount of the requested ProScope report. Scope Technologies would never guess on a measurement to make a profit and compromise our 95% accuracy.

Does a condominium complex count as one residential Scope Report if there is only one building? What if there are multiple buildings?

Each freestanding structure containing more than two residences is considered a Commercial Scope Report. In order to be considered a Residential Scope Report the property must be a single family home or duplex. We can combine multiple scopes into one report upon request.