Our Scopes are accurate, easy to order, and priced right. You choose the option that best fits your needs.

3 Ways to Pay

Pay Per Scope

Pay Per Scope

With our Pay-Per-Scope option, each scope you purchase is its own transaction.

This option is ideal for low volume contractors who need only a few scopes per month.

There is no obligation or commitment on the number of reports you order.


PrePay for Deeper Discounts

Each scope you purchase will draw down from the available funds.

The funds stay in your account until you use them; simply add more funds when your account draws down.

Prepayment discounts can save you 10-30% on your reports.


Monthly Membership Packages

Membership packages are tailored to your volume and range from 2 to 77 reports per month. We offer 10 membership packages to fit your volume. With each level, you'll get bonus reports. Membership customers get deep discounts off our retail prices - as much as 22%

Memberships will be charged to your credit card on file on a monthly recurring basis to ensure you always have the right amount of reports available to you.

Your Account Manager will show you the options so you can choose a membership right for you.

Pay Per Scope

Under 50 SQ


Up to 4 structures
Over 50 SQ


Up to 4 structures

$17.95 $11.00

Up to 2 structures

For Commercial or Multifamily pricing, call 877-910-5023 for a quote.