How to Overcome Common Barriers to Landing a Roofing Contract

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written by RoofScope published on 12. 27. 2023

Landing your next roofing contract doesn’t need to be a difficult process. As a contractor, there are barriers to closing the sale and getting your next roof repair job booked. If you prepare yourself ahead of time, then you shouldn’t run into any trouble the next time you’re in front of a potential new customer.

Let’s discuss the common objections you might need to overcome on your next sales call.

Customers Think They Can do it Themselves

There will always be homeowners convinced that they are great at doing new roof repair work themselves. Be prepared to tell them that roof repair isn’t an area to try doing alone.

Most people try DIY projects to save money. Let your prospects know they are likely to spend more money when trying to do a roofing job without a contractor.

First, you have access to wholesale prices they don’t have access to. Second, the fact that you’ll get the repair job done right the first time is a big money saver. As well, ask them how much they know about spotting potential future problems relating to:

  • Framing
  • Windows
  • Wood
  • Chimney
  • Flashing

Find out if they have any knowledge related to uncovering future problems as they try to install a new roof. Ask if they know how to use an aerial takeoff report for accuracy. If it’s obvious they don’t, then refer to your expertise.

Other points to cover with a do-it-yourself prospect:

They might void any roofing material warranties. These companies only warranty professional jobs.

An improperly installed roof will stand out in a negative way.

You will save them time. You know exactly what to do and will finish the job promptly.

You will keep them safe. Tell any stories you know where homeowners have fallen off or through roofs.

Lack of Education and Confusion

Even when a homeowner doesn’t want to do the job themselves, you need to overcome their feelings of being overwhelmed or experiencing confusion about the entire construction repair process.

Use professionalism and stay patient as you provide roofing estimates and educate your prospects about their options. You’ll win many clients over by simply setting yourself apart as someone willing to answer all their questions.

Simply educating a homeowner has the possibility to add more confusion to the mix. For example, you might move them through the various types of shingles they can choose from.

On the surface, this is a smart thing to do and you need to do it. Go over the ways that roof shingles affect the aesthetic look of a home, which ones will last longer, etc. Definitely educate your prospect about the pros and cons of all the different types of roof shingle styles:

  • Wood shingles
  • Architectural shingles
  • Tile
  • 3-Tab shingles
  • Slate roof shingles
  • Shake shingles
  • Solar roof shingles

Educate them about the selections available when it comes to the materials they might choose from, such as cedar, asphalt, concrete, clay, rubber, copper, or composite.

Get into how their insurer’s underwriting requirements affect their decisions around replacing a roof. Let them know about the trouble they may have getting a policy renewal without an inspection when their roof is 15 to 20 years old.

Educate them on the fact that it’s unlikely to get their insurer to pay out for a new roof simply because it has gotten old. Show them that their policy will typically only pay for damages caused by acts of nature.

This means you must educate yourself about how insurance coverage works. Your job is to become your homeowner’s advocate and help them get the best possible outcome any time their policy is involved.

Keep in mind that all this information might overwhelm your prospect. Slow down when you see them getting confused or their eyes glazing over. Stop and ask clarifying questions. Help them move past the confusion so they can make a positive decision to move forward with you.

Pay Attention to their Budget

Budget is an area where you must listen intently and show the homeowner that you’re attentive to their concerns. Use this as a way to not only gain their trust but to also pick out the right materials for the job.

Paying close attention to this area goes a long way when presenting roofing estimates and booking the job. The more transparent, upfront, and honest you are around budgeting needs, the more your new customer will like you.

One way to proactively do this is to reference what they already told you about their budgeting concerns as you offer various options and solutions.

For example, let them know you’re selecting a solution not only because it’s an effective one but because it meets their budgeting needs perfectly. Communicating in this way will create the trust you need to close the sale.

This is where using ProDocs is highly effective. Use it to detail out everything that affects the budget, such as labor and material costs. It allows you to be as transparent as you want. It also allows you to hide certain pieces of information you don’t want to reveal in a hidden mode.

Using this software helps your prospect see clearly where their money will go. It enables you to work more effectively with insurance companies and fix any waste issues. ProDocs allows you to:

  • Create and save unlimited documents
  • Get real-time data from aerial roof measurement or satellite roof measurement reports
  • Create and customize templates, such as for an aerial takeoff report
  • Email, download, and print in one click

With ProDocs, you’ll be making better construction estimates and work orders than your competitors, while ensuring that the homeowner never gets surprised at billing time. Schedule a demo of our FREE estimating and work order software today.

Be Professional

It should go without saying that you need to handle yourself with top-notch professionalism at all times. It’s important to start the trust-building process immediately by dressing clean, treating your prospect with respect, and being knowledgeable.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Commit to a professional mindset
  • Be confident, not arrogant
  • Commit to treating everyone with respect (homeowners and your team)
  • Apologize at all times, even if you believe your argument is correct
  • Use post-job surveys to measure how your customers view you and your team/

If you use these tips, then you’ll find that winning your prospect’s trust, presenting professional work orders, and closing the sale is easy to do.

written by RoofScope published on 12. 27. 2023